Re-Edit Throwback (no. 1)!

A few years ago, I started sharing on Instagram not only throwbacks of my work but also a “re-edit” of that throwback. It was fun, but I wanted to do more. So I thought I would not only share the original edit but the SOOC (straight out of camera), as well as the new edit. I’m really excited to do this because I am a firm believer that we can always grow and learn. Learn from ourselves, as well as others. I will be looking at the SOOC with a critical eye because I feel I will grow that way. Then I will go over the original edit and my new edit. I’ve learned SO MUCH and continue to learn and branch out in my craft, so my new edits may be drastically different, or they may be similar if I feel that the edit was true to the image.

The first round of this I have chosen an image from a maternity session back in 2017. Not a big difference in time, but I have grown to know more and am excited to share my growth with you!

I LOVE maternity photography!! There is something so magical about the female body creating and growing human life. In 2017, a local hotel was demolished, yet the remains of the building sat there for quite a long time, with no fence or anything blocking it from public access.
I was so happy to have a pregnant momma to model for me in this setting! What better way to show the beauty of destruction, then the beauty of creating life?

This is the SOOC image. Back then, I didn’t properly schedule my sessions for the soft golden light that I know do. The sun was still too high in this image, however, we started here first and I knew I had other areas that I wanted to get the “golden” hues for so here we go!
I love the pose. Given the setting, I wanted momma to have an almost protective stance for her growing child. You can see the demolished building adds contrast to the momma’s pose, outfit, and facial expression. The composition is following the rule-of-thirds, however, there is the large metal piece that is in the foreground that I feel is taking away from momma. The sky is obviously blown-out, which I can’t remember if there was a cloud in the sky that day or not but it is over-exposed none the less. There is a tree in the background in the top left corner that I feel is taking away from the image as well.
Forgive the logo! There was a time that I thought I needed to have my logo on everything. I’ve worked with and spoken with some high caliber┬ámodels and photographers and have come to agree with them, the logo actually takes away from your image! So that’s the first thing I see that needs to be fixed. The tree is still in the background top corner, which really bothers me! I also dropped in a sky that really doesn’t match with the overall lighting of the image. Momma is still overexposed, and the edit just really doesn’t convey what I was trying to get across with the concept of the image in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with it (other then the sky and that tree!), but given what I know now in photoshop, it’s not how I would edit it if I did the whole thing over again today.
re-edit, throwback, maternity, kansas, demolished buildingAhhhh!!!! This makes my heart soar! This is exactly what was in my head when I had the concept of the image. Dark, moody, golden, and mom standing out above the rest. I finally removed the tree in the background. I then cropped closely to the tutu skirt so momma was grounded to the bottom of the image. While the SOOC was still overexposed, I was able to tone that down without clipping the shadows completely. Momma has a beautiful amount of light on her, emphasis on her growing belly and face. I toned down the highlights so they weren’t blown out in the tutu skirt. I have started utilizing some presets in ACR editor and truly they are my favorite thing ever for my images. They give my images a deep, golden/brown start. My goal is to always get it right, or close to perfect, in camera, but photoshop and the use of ACR definitely help me to achieve the vision I had for any particular image. Today I shoot darker and later in the day, generally starting one hour before sunset. This image would have been a little bit better if I had done that, mainly the tutu wouldn’t have those small blown highlights.Overall, I still love all the images but the new edit is my current style and what I’ve worked hard to learn. I hope you enjoyed going through these with me. I plan to do this once a week, or twice a month for sure! Let me know in the comments, do you enjoy seeing these?
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