Using a blog… for the FIRST TIME!

Hello all you lovelies!

I’ve decided to give this whole blog thing a go. It’s been some time since I have written about my thoughts, my work, my passions and maybe that’s just what the world needs. 🙂

Allow me to start by asking, do any of you blog? If so, post it below so I can follow along with your thoughts! I love networking and it’s a game changer in this day and age.

Okay and on to the blog… how about a little bit about myself? Well I am nearing the big 30 every year, I have a wonderful family that I cannot get enough of and we are growing +1 this year! Such an exciting time. I graduated from FHSU in 2013 and learned a lot from all the different courses I took, I have a vast interest so I chose to use my college time exploring any and all interests I had that semester. Which led to a longer time in college, but hey, I knew that from the get-go and was a-okay with it! My degree however, is in studio art with an emphasis on photography. I also took a handful of classes in graphic design which is what my part-time job is. When I’m not out clicking away on my Canon, I work for A&A Coors as their lead graphic artist. It’s a fun job and a good creative outlet for the work that I like doing. When I first started in my photographic journey, I offered everything, literally everything under the sun! I dabbled in senior sessions, creative series (which I still love to do), animal portraits, anniversary parties, family reunions, etc etc. After six years of being in the field, I have fine tuned my skill set and now I focus on what I am really passionate about. Which, is still a lot, but fine tuned nonetheless. I absolutely LOVE photographing the female body. I have since my early days in college, in fact my very first assignment I chose to do a nude series of a female and her tattoos. Beautiful images and I sold quite a few at various competitions.  So boudoir is a natural genre for me to dive into. Aside from that maternity and newborn images are hands down a tied for my second favorite sessions! Weddings come in third along with family sessions. Aside from my business and work, I am a hippie at heart. I love nature, believe in natural care and try very hard to have a minimal impact on our Earth. I love reading, both fantasy and historical. Chopped is my FAVORITE TV show, hands down and in fact my son loves it as well so once a week we veg out on the couch and watch Chopped for a few hours. He even wants to compete on Chopped Junior! That would be something.. I have four dogs, yes four, one was my husbands before we met, one I brought into the fold and than two showed up on our doorstep in a blizzard with hardly anything but skin and bone and worms.. So we have four. I love the simple life. In fact I’d wager that’s why it has taken me so long to get my rump in gear and start blogging, it seems a hassle but I’m ready for the challenge it will bring.

Okay, well that was fun! For my first post not to shabby. I hope to use this not only as my professional blog, but maybe to also share certain aspects of my life with my clients. What can bring you closer but sharing personal facts and opinions, right?

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